About Us

We are a father and son team of healthy living enthusiasts who are dedicated to creating and selling the best possible Matcha tea products.


Dr. Genko Tano D.C.

Genko Tano is a chiropractor specializing in nutritional counseling.  He has worked for 18 years with profession and elite athletes to improve their general wellness while enhancing their performance.  In his quest to aid everyone in reaching optimum health, he has over the years developed various supplements, a sports recovery drink and now he is offering matcha tea.
As a native of Japan, growing up on a farm, Genko learned about sustainable agriculture, eating real foods and healthful living.  His ancestors grew tea commercially using the same practice that continue to this day in all the First Harvest Tea products.
Genko is proud to introduce his First Harvest Matcha tea products to everyone who seeks to enhance their health, increase focus and concentration, and improve cardiovascular health.

Yasu Tano

Serial entrepreneur and product evangelist, Yasu is powered by Matcha to keep up with fast paced worlds of entrepreneurship and social media. Yasu has worked in marketing, product development, and social media for more than 5 years. Before that he had a successful career working in finance as a quantitative analyst for a financial trading house.

Yasu handles the technology, marketing, and customer support for First Harvest Tea. So if you call us or email us, it is a good chance it will be Yasu answering. So be nice to him!